3 Free Productivity Tools for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Chances are, while you are reading this, you might be procrastinating from doing something else.

From hitting snooze for the 6th time, scanning through old photo albums on Facebook to mindlessly flicking through channels- we have ALL been there!

In fact, 20-30% of people consider themselves to be "procrastinators".

As a small business owner or entrepreneur, time is a hugely precious commodity.

Most of us have to juggle multiple tasks, roles and it can sometimes feel like we have little to no handle on our time.

Productivity tools are not new, in fact, just a simple search into Google and you will be heckled with 1,000's of them all competing for your attention.

I've narrowed down this busy list to 3 simple tools that I have found to be instrumental in managing my time and the best bit- they are all FREE!

1. RescueTime

In order to manage our time effectively, we need to have a baseline understanding of where it is actually being used.

RescueTime is free software installed on your device that logs the time you spend on each platform quietly in the background.

Your results are viewable on your personalised dashboard and can be downloaded as a report.

Word of warning: You may unlock some unfavourable insights about yourself and your internet use. *cough* 3 hours on Pinterest *cough*

2. Pocket

How many tabs do you have currently open on your device?

I'm willing to bet it is more than just one!

All-day long, we are bombarded with links, articles and sites that most of us simply do not have the time to read.

Pocket allows you to effectively archive any interesting content and circle back to them at a time that suits you best.

You simply install the pocket app as an extension to your browser and then add to it as you please.

3. Asana

I'm not going to lie, I am a huge pen and paper fan. Each morning, I start off my day by reviewing and adding to my never-ending lists.

However, when I started my freelance business earlier this year, I had the realisation that I would need to set up a savvier system to manage my workload.

*Enter Asana*

Asana is a project management tool that I have used in previous jobs and have always found to be extremely effective. It allows you to assign tasks, deadlines and can be synced to your calendar and email.

So, while we are all feeling share-y, what tools do you recommend for productivity?

Leave your tips & tricks in the comments below!


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