How To Give Your Brand A Spring Clean

Our digital presence is more important than ever before with consumers now turning to online shopping solutions for pretty much everything.⁣

To make sure your brand's online platforms are up to date & looking fresh- it's the perfect time for a spring clean!⁣

Here are my top tips to help you blow some dust off those online platforms 👇⁣


◾ Does your bio still represent your brand?⁣ On platforms such as Instagram & Twitter- this needs to be short, snappy & clear. On Facebook, make use of the new blog feature on your page.

◾ Is your location correct?⁣ Even if your brand doesn't have a physical presence it's important to include a general location.

◾ Is your profile image reflective of the brand?⁣

◾ Are all links up to date? Consider using Linktree to add in multiple choices.⁣

◾ Do your story highlights need a clear out?⁣ Consider changing the highlight covers to reflect your brand colours and choose short but clear labels.

◾ Does your pinned image on Facebook or Twitter need updating to something more relevant?⁣ Welcome messages are a great option if you don't have anything new to share.

◾ Is your banner image visually impactful?⁣ People form an opinion of your page very quickly. Make use of colour and less is more when it comes to copy here.

◾ Are your contact buttons sending people in the right direction?⁣


◾ Do your services or pricing need updating?⁣

◾ Does your About section tell your story?⁣ This is your chance to really connect with your customer.

◾ Is your site mobile optimised?⁣ There are a number of great tools to test this such as MobiReady or Google Search Console

◾ Are your testimonials/ reviews up to date?⁣ Make sure they are readily accessible on your site.

◾ Check for broken links⁣

◾ Review your privacy or T&C's policy⁣

◾ Test the functionality of any forms or sign up links etc⁣. Regularly schedule these checks. Walkthrough a customer's journey on your site- and fix anything that might be preventing that "add to cart" moment.

◾ Review your CTAs- are they clear? Are they reflective of your goals?

◾ Review your analytics - what's working? What isn't? ⁣Now is the time to adjust your marketing approach and make changes.

If you have any questions on the above or would like to talk through it specifically for your brand, I'm here👋⁣


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