How To Create The Perfect "About" Page

So, you probably know you’re supposed to have an About page; even the most rudimentary website templates include it.

But are you taking full advantage of the power of yours?

Often, for many, this page is an afterthought.

Businesses tend to throw some generic description of themselves onto the screen and call it a day.

However, doing this squanders an opportunity to fully utilize one of the most important pages on your website.

Your About page is where you can build rapport with your potential customers—something that can be difficult if you’re not face-to-face with them.

The good news?

By the end of this post, you'll have a step by step process to building the perfect about page that will not only make you stand out but will boost engagement and connection between you and your customer.

Magnetising Headline

Your headline should be benefit-driven and help create interest to hook em' in to read more.

I usually recommend leaving this step until last.

Use the body of your page to inform what this headline should look like.

Draft up a couple of versions before settling on the final.

Don't be afraid to switch it up regularly and test out what works best.

Picture of You

People buy from people, so where possible make sure to include a photo of you or your team.

Avoid stiff boring headshots where possible and make sure to smile.

A photograph of you in your element can be a fantastic way to visually tell your story.

Are you a photographer?- Maybe have a camera around your neck?

Are you an artist?- Maybe include a shot of you working on a piece?

One thing’s for sure though, make sure you have a photo of you looking at the camera. It's all about that connection!

Intro Yourself and Your Biz

This is your chance to make an engaging first impression.

Here you'll want to give a brief run-down of:

- Who you are

- What you do

- Why you do it

Keep this part brief and clear. Unless this is going on your LinkedIn page, your reader doesn't need to know an in-depth list of all of your skills and qualifications.

Focus on the reader. What do they HAVE to know about you and your brand?

Share Your Story

This is where that coveted connection magic happens.

Use this space to relate to your customer.

Maybe you went through a similar struggle which brought you to create your specific product or service. Maybe you have a funny anecdote.

It's your chance to stand out, be authentic and add some personality.

Another Image

Images not only build connection & tell a story- they also have a practical role.

Adding in another image about halfway through your page helps break up text and sprinkles in some colour.

Choose an image that conveys your brand personality.

Or that speaks to one of your offers, services etc.

What's in it for them?

Here you need to answer the HOLY grail marketing question:

What's in it for your customer?

And why should they choose you over someone else?

At a glance, your reader should have a clear understanding of what you do and how you can help them.

The goal here is to match your customer's needs with your business's offerings. Tell a story as to how it relates to becoming the problem-solver you are for your ideal clients.

Call to Action

This is THE most important step.

Including a clear CTA makes the difference between your reader leaving your site or taking that next desired action.

What is it that you want the reader to do now?

One of the biggest mistakes we often make across digital is becoming too greedy and asking too much of your customer.

On your About page, ask them to do one thing and one thing only.

This could be an email opt-in, visit another page, contact etc.

Consider adding additional value by offering a freebie in exchange for their email- this could be a downloadable guide, discount code, e-book etc.

Does your website have an effective About page?  If not, you need to get busy!

Your About page could be the tipping point in converting more visitors into customers.

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