How to optimise your online communication tools to stay connected with your customers

How does your customer contact you?⁠ 🤔⁠

What options do you have listed on your website?⁠ 🤔⁠

How long do they need to wait for a response? ⁠🤔⁠

These are all questions you should ask yourself, no matter the size of your business. ⁠

I've created a simple checklist to help ensure that your communication tools are set up to meet your customer's needs. ⁠

💬 If you have a chat tool 👇⁠

- Make sure somebody is managing it.⁠

- Set up an automatic welcome message ⁠

- Personalise your chat tool features

- Set expectations. If there is a long wait time, let them know!

- Be honest- if it's a bot, tell them⁠.

📞 If you have a contact number 👇⁠

- Answer it ⁠

- If you can't answer it, ensure you have a friendly and helpful voicemail, letting them know when to expect a callback. or provide additional contact information.

📧 If you have an email 👇⁠

- Again, make sure you have a system in place to respond promptly⁠.

- Segment your emails. Use a different email for general enquiries vs orders etc. ⁠

- Out of office? Ensure your OOO is set for the correct dates and outlines an alternative process to get in contact.

📱 If you use social only.👇⁠

- Customers today expect to get answers on social media and use it more and more as the primary communication tool with brands.

- If you are present on a social media platform, make sure you check for messages regularly. - - Set up an auto-response for commonly asked questions. Extend your communications to social. ⁠

🤦If you have nothing...⁠

...wait, what?!⁠ 😲

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