What is a Copywriter anyway?

I'll let you in on a little secret, the words you are reading at this very moment have been crafted by a Copywriter (me, shh!).

Copywriters, sometimes dubbed "copy whisperers", "the salesmen of print" or my personal favourite "word wizards" have been around for decades but there is often an air of mystery or confusion as to who they are and what they actually do.

Let's pause for a moment and think back to the last time you were drawn to a company or website based on a wonderfully written newsletter or blog post, or perhaps a time when you read a product description or brochure that convinced you to buy a product or service? Chances are, this was written by a Copywriter.

In its' simplest terms, Copywriters are individuals who write fresh and compelling

content known as copy.

Their main aim is to craft these wonderful pieces of copy which can then aid business's or individuals in getting their brand messaging across to customers and ultimately enhance their presence both online and offline.

Copy can come in many different formats and some types that you will often find Copywriters working on at any given time can include;

-Blog posts

- Website homepage/ landing page copy

- Product descriptions

- Social media posts

- Press releases

- PPC ads/ Google Ads

- Emails

- Newsletters

- Bio profiles

- Infographics

- Comic Strip copy

- Video or Podcast script

- E-books or whitepapers

but really, the sky is the limit these days with how creative you can get with formats.

With the rapid rise in Digital and Content Marketing, the world of Copywriting is changing constantly and defining what Copywriters do on a daily basis can be difficult. Contrary to popular perception, Copywriters do a lot more than sit at their desk all day and write physical copy (even though there is a lot of that too!)

A "Day in the life" of a Copywriter can be made up of an assortment of tasks. There are vasts amounts of analyzing, researching and client meetings required before pen is even put to paper- and that's what makes this kind of role so exciting.

I'm often asked what makes a great Copywriter and in my opinion there are a few key skills that are required (aside from a high tolerance for caffeine);

- Creativity: This skill can be hard to define but in my opinion is the most important. Pulling creative ideas out of thin air is not only part of the job but is now often expected of a Copywriter.

- Patience: Most Copywriters are lucky to be able to work with a variety of clients that each have their own personal tastes and needs. Edits and more edits are just a given in this line of work so patience and flexibility is required to make sure the finished product is edited just the way the client wants.

- Social Perceptiveness: As a Copywriter you need to have your pen on the pulse of what is going on in each industry at all times. Copywriters need to know what people are interacting with, what materials they are consuming and how in order to write effective copy to meet their needs and spark their interest. This is where that research and analyzing I mentioned already comes in.

- Writing skills: This can seem like a bit of a "no-brainer" but this skill can sometimes be taken for granted. As well as just producing a catchy tag line or a cleverly written article, the less exciting but equally important elements like grammar and spelling cannot be overlooked.

It is now commonly agreed that content is the fuel of all social interaction and connection across the web and the backbone of inbound marketing within both the B2B and B2C worlds. According to Hubspot, customers view between 3-5 pieces of a business's content before they even interact with a sales rep. With staggering facts such as that, business's today can no longer ignore the need for implementing a great content strategy.

If this piece of copy has convinced you that you need help with your content, please email and we'll go from there!

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